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Attorney-at-law | Mediator SBA/SCCM | clp lawyer
Specialist for Family, Inheritance and Commercial Law

Jennifer Dürst is litigation lawyer, mediator, clp lawyer, legal advisor, negotiation specialist and strategic dispute resolution expert. She works at the law firm STAIGER Attorneys-at-Law Ltd. and is the managing director of the ADR-/mediation center mediationDürst.


She has many years of professional experience in advising and litigating in the fields of family, matrimonial property, cohabitation, child, separation and divorce law. She focuses her practice in particular on complex national and international structures.


Furthermore, she is an expert in inheritance law as well as national and international estate and succession planning. Apart from drafting marriage and inheritance contracts, last wills, advance care directives and powers of attorney in case of incapacity, she represents and advises heirs, families and executors during the settlement and division process of estates. In addition, she represents and supports her clients during court and litigation proceedings.


Jennifer Dürst is a certified mediator and has a vast experience as mediator in the fields of family, inheritance and commercial law. Her core competence is to support private individuals and companies in finding individual solutions for transformation processes, conflicts and problem areas in the fields of private and commercial law.


She worked for the District Court of Bulach and has foreign experience in Canada, Australia and Lausanne. Moreover, she is a lecturer in mediation at the Swiss Bar Association (SBA) and in real estate law at the Swiss Training Centre for Investment Professionals (AZEK).


German, English, French

Memberships | Function

  • ​Swiss Bar Association (SBA) | Zurich Bar Association (ZBA)

  • Member of the SBA Expert Committee on Mediation and Lecturer

  • Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation (SCCM;

  • Co-Head Practice Group “Company Succession” of the SCCM

  • collaborative law and practice Switzerland

  • Expert Group Family Law, Mediation and Inhertiance Law (Zurich Bar Association)

  • Association successio (inheritance law;

  • Swiss Association of Arbitration in Inheritance Matters (SVSiE;

Jennifer Dürst

  • LinkedIn - Grau Kreis

Team of additional Experts

On request and if required, we work together with renowned experts from the legal, mediation, psychology, real estate, insurance, banking and business sector. We would like to make sure that your solutions are in line with legal and other requirements.



Publikationen | Vorträge

Work Experience | Education

2013 - 2015


2011 - 2012



2005 - 2011

2005 - 2011

2003 - 2004

managing director mediationDürst – Legal Solutions

advanced training mediation in family-owned companies and company succession

certification by Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation (SCCM)

advanced training mediation with highly conflicted parties

since 2021






certification Mediator SBA by the Swiss Bar Association (SBA)

mediation education in Germany

lecturer at the Swiss Training Centre for Investment Professionals (AZEK), Zurich

attorney-at-law and mediator at STAIGER Attorneys-at-Law, Zurich

legal employee at STAIGER Attorneys-at-Law, Zurich

admission to the Bar, canton of Zurich

education stay at Perth, Australia

legal employee at the District Court of Bulach

besides legal studies legal assistant | private tutor

legal studies at the University of Zurich

education stay at the University of Lausanne

since 2016

since 2015


Master of Law, University of Zurich

since 2021

since 2021

lecturer and member of the SBA Expert Committee on Mediation SBA

Co-Head Practice Group “Company Succession” of the SCCM

education stay at Quebec, Canada

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