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Mediation is a structured dispute resolution process which enables the parties to find their individual solutions quickly, confidentially and in a cost effective way without addressing any court authorities. Remarkable results for any dispute or transformation process can be achieved after only a few sessions. Do you wish to be the master of the outcome yourself ?

Our core competence:

  • mediation | co-mediation

  • mediation services for families and private individuals

  • commercial mediation


  • two-party or multiparty mediations

  • in person or video-mediation

  • elaboration of closing documents

Legal Representation

We advise and represent you in external mediation, negotiation, intermediation and conciliation proceedings on a selective or comprehensive basis. We assess the legal situation and provide you with a corresponding risk analysis.


An intermediation proceeding is characterized by the fact that the Mediator submits a settlement proposal to the parties in order to resolve a conflict or dispute matter (so-called Dispute Board).

Legal Advice

A mediation process is terminated by an agreement between the parties. We would be happy to draft the necessary legal documents and contracts. In addition, we support you in proceedings before courts, state authorities and notary’s offices so that your solution can be implemented accordingly.


Coaching focuses on target-oriented solutions in order to master demanding decision-making processes and complex life situations. One’s own wishes and needs are to be specifically identified. Is there an important decision to be made? What would be the best way to set the right course?



We are delighted to support you in mastering demanding decision-making processes and life situations. Furthermore, our services focus on conflict prevention, conflict analysis and conflict resolution. Your needs and wishes build the central part of our services rendered.

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